Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nabi 3D Hologram Collection: Nail Swatch Sticks

Nabi recently released a holographic nail polish collection called 3D Hologram Nail Lacquer.

They have an amazing range of 24 shades:

#1 Black
#2 Pefite Teal
#3 Gold
#4 Sky Blue
#5 Light Pink
#6 Ocean Blue
#7 Teal
#8 Silver
#9 Green
#10 Navy Blue
#11 Cinnamon
#12 Bronze
#13 Mocha
#14 Tawny
#15 Dark Purple
#16 Black Berry
#17 Hot Pink
#18 Red
#19 Rose
#20 Lavender
#21 Flamingo
#22 Fushia
#23 Wine
#24 Purple

These are kind of a cross between polishes like the Layla Holograms and a scattered holo. They are very pigmented, but the over all effect is more of a scattered holo. They do appear stronger in sunlight, kind of a linear/scattered combo.

The incorrect spellings on some of these shades are because that is how they were written on the bottle labels.

I only received one with a wonky brush, which I am sure I can trim so I can use it.  They apply very easily and smoothly.  I do recommend using a base coat of some sort since most of these shades are very pigmented and I am not sure if they would stain nails.  I did not need an aqua base.  I can say that I tried every top coat in my collection, and ever single one dulled the holo.  And not a dulling as in "oh, the holo is not as bright, but I can still deal with it being slightly dull." I am talking full on it's no longer a holo but a squishy jelly.

I ordered these from ShopNabi on Amazon one night around midnight, and they shipped the next morning (Saturday) and arrived to me in the mail on Monday! The bottles are 13ml and resemble the Layla Hologram series bottles. The entire collection was $55 USD, plus shipping.

I do notice today that they have a swatch photo of a silver, green and blue holo (see photo above), and I am pretty sure that those are swatches from a blogger's post of the FNUG holos.  This photo is NOT what these polishes look like. If you know who's nails those are, please contact them and let them know!  If I had noticed that before placing my order, I would not have completed the order.


  1. Dang it. I totally bought some of these. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

  2. I'm trying to decide which ones I need. Could you do a comparison with these and the UP Colors holos?

    1. I will eventually. It might be awhile before I have anything to post, though.

  3. omg...i want them all !
    i hope they ship to germany ;)

  4. Wow! So many people steeling bloggers images! What is the world coming to :(

    I'm thinking I'm going to need all of these eventually, but I am just loving the blues and greens in the collection for some reason, scatter holo or no! And thanks for the tid-bit about the top coat.

    1. You're welcome! I hope someone recognizes those nails!

  5. You can also buy these on this site: Plus, they haven't stolen any blogger's photos.

  6. I see you wrote that top coat ruins the holo-that kind of sucks-I don't think I could go without top coat! I so want this set though-I can't find anywhere else that swatched these except Jinjit and she says top coat didn't dull it much-I'm confused-would love to see a comparison of with and without top coat!

  7. I tried top coat with mine and it only dulled the holo a tiny bit on most of them. The only two I noticed it changed drastically were purple and wine (it brought out the jelly color which covered a lot of the holo).

    I wish they had more in the tan/brown/gold/green range. Too many pinks!

  8. thanks for sharing the swatches~ I used the NYC top coat, and didn't find it to effect the polish too much (I swatched on false nails). Not sure if you have it, but you could try that. Unless you have then >_< always a hard thing with holos~

    1. That's what I used on a few of them so far, and they jellyfied it. Maybe I used too thick of a coat, though. I tend to do that sometimes.

  9. Oh I found it!

    1. Thanks for sharing this! Does she know about it?

  10. I'm using Sally Hansen Insta Dri and SV and so far no dulling on Purple, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, Hot Pink and Gold

  11. They took the photo down at least.