Monday, June 10, 2013

Perfect Holographic: H7

Perfect Holographic H7 is a lovely dark purple holographic polish. It is almost identical to the long-discontinued Sally Hansen Magical Nail Make Up in Purple Potion, so if you have been lemming that one and cannot locate a bottle, I highly recommend this one!

I did need to add a few drops of thinner to the bottle to help make it easier to apply.  I do recommend using an aqua base with this.  Once I thinned the polish a bit, I could use my trusty NYC Grand Central Station as a top coat with no dulling!

You definitely, absolutely, need to shake the hell out of this bottle to mix the color and holo particles together.  For some reason the holo particles separate from the color and sink to the bottom. The more time you spend shaking the bottle, the better holographic payout you will get.

Perfect Holographics are 6ml and are very small.  You can order them from but please keep in mind that the seller is in Bulgaria and shipping could take a while depending on where you live and how your customs office treats the package.